In The Wilderness

Explore The Rugged Beauty

Akhaia Outfitters is situated within the unparalleled pristine beauty of the greater northern peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador. With access to over 366,000 acres of land in one of the most dense moose habitats in the world, your hunt with us will surely be one to remember.

In The Wilderness:

We offer Lodge hunts that include:

  • Traveling lake shores by boat while calling
  • Hiking to vantage points for a spot and stalk
  • Calling from bogs and swamps known by active rutting locations


Also, we have Drop Trophy Hunts that include:

  • Travel by Helicopter to strategic locations
  • Hunt from Tent by spot and stalk as well as calling


Both offer harvest success rates of 90% and 96%, respectively.

A day’s hunt begins with a pre-dawn breakfast. During breakfast, you and your guide will discuss and plan for the day’s hunt.


Based on the hunting scenario you choose for the day, you can opt to have a packed meal prepared to take with you or you can choose to return to the lodge for a hot lunch.


Guests set out after breakfast and the hunt begins.


Once a hunter takes a kill, the guide will field dress and debone the animal, then bag the meat and transport it back to the lodge. The hunter can choose to take part in this process if desired – we cater to you.

Eastern Canadian Moose

Akhaia is located in the heart of the densest moose population in the world. Newfoundland has the highest moose population per square mile, more than anywhere else in North America. Newfoundland offers a prime habitat for the Moose to thrive in. Trophy Eastern Canadian Moose are bulls from 40-55 inches, in fact 40-50 inch bulls are quite common. Akhaia offers you a Newfoundland hunting adventure of a lifetime and provides you the opportunity for a big game Newfoundland Moose. Calling is our main method while hunting during prime time hours and then using high vantage areas to spot and glass animals during mid-day.


The average moose is 6 ft. tall at the shoulders, weighing an average of 1200 lbs, with our average antler spread at 45 inches wide. Moose are peaceful animals that live up to 20 years under normal circumstances. While moose tend to live in herds during the harsh winter months, it is common to see pockets of 3 or 4 moose during the rut. Larger bulls will push off smaller bulls and become territorial while herding up for the rut. Bulls will try to win cows by fighting other bulls with the victor becoming the dominant bull and the attractive mating partner for the cows.

Wounding Policy

In the event a hunter wounds an animal (the animal does not fall but blood can be tracked), it is Akhaia’s responsibility to make every reasonable effort to search and locate the wounded animal. If the animal is not found after an adequate amount of time spent searching, your hunt for that species will be considered finished.